Renee McLain is the founder of Center of Grace, a state-of-the-art facility that provides complementary
services of psychotherapy, counseling, and iridology, as well as
therapeutic massage and bodywork.

Renee McLain

Creator and developer of Center of Grace

Renee is a spiritual teacher and mentor known for helping people reconnect to the parts of themselves from which they have disconnected. Her workshops, retreats, and one-on-one intensives have been called “transformational.”

She helps people in the face of illness, abuse, addiction, anger, anxiety, chronic pain, chronic stress, depression, divorce, panic, phobia, suicide, and trauma, while also mindfully inspiring health and well-being to those who wish to increase their quality of life.

Renee is the guide who takes clients deeper into their spiritual journey. She believes pain is a healing initiation that, if honored, will fortify you and bring you through the dark night of the soul into the light. She would know, as she has healed three times herself.

Renee is a bold woman who embraces trauma’s role in healing and growing.