Yoga & Meditation

It has been medically proven that yoga and meditation are beneficial for your health.

Medical News Today have found a number of studies citing the medical benefits of yoga and meditation. Some of these benefits include decreased anxiety and depression, improved back pain, and an increased immune system. Another study coming from Harvard University confirmed that meditation reduces stress, increases empathy, and encourages clarity.

So what are you waiting for? Center of Grace offers yoga and meditation classes so make room in your schedule for better health. Starting can be hard, but one class here will have you hooked. Schedule a meeting or sign up for a class today with one of our instructors, you won’t regret and your body will thank you later!  $18 Drop In $75 for 5 class pass $140 for 10 class pass

Meet our Yoga Instructors

Jai Hari teaches with a commitment to each student receiving exactly what they need…

Shannon Delaney is a Certified Vinyasa Flow instructor. Shannon shows up, intrepid in her nature…

Christine has been practicing yoga and incorporating its philosophies into her lifestyle since 2009…

Alexis Pierce Affectionately known as the clarity fairy, Alexis helps you find the courage….

Jessica Bruneau… The first gift Yoga ever gave me was that my yoga mat was the first place in my entire….