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Vibrancy through diet


Beautify your body and improve your health with every bite.

Center of Grace is fortunate to welcome Certified Vinyasa Flow Instructor & Chef, Shannon Delaney, to our facility.

Recently back to CNY after a decade in the Bay area, Shannon is a curator of relationships and excited to create a like-minded community. Embodying an integrative lifestyle, Shannon combines yoga and her holistic food to bridge what is lost to be found.

Just as there is a proper way to do yoga poses, there is an equally correct way to eat, and proper nutrition is an important part of achieving full body balance. Through curated menus and guidance, clients are able to lose weight, have a healthier body, and attain inner peace.

By featuring foods that help you feel light and energized, while avoiding those that cause bloating or lethargy, you’ll know how to properly nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Experience the impact that proper nutrition can have on energy levels
  • Benefit from a holistic approach to your relationship with food
  • See how clean eating can complement other treatments and sessions
  • Feel more energized and less lethargic throughout the day
  • Sleep better and achieve improved health and wellbeing

Contact Center of Grace or reach out to Shannon direct  for “Food for the Soul” recommendations that are catered to your specific needs and lifestyle.

Shannon Delaney
Phone: (415) 271-7499

(315) 692.2008

8219 Market Place
Building #10
Manlius, NY 13104

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