About Us

A Community for seekers, survivors, soul-searchers
hungry to shake shit up and shine!

What we believe at the Center of Grace:

  • We believe at the Center of Grace is a gift.

  • We believe the only way out is through.

  • We believe we are each other’s medicine.

  • We believe that trauma can be healed.

  • We believe in the power of a circle.

  • We believe in telling the hard truth, even if you’re shaking in your boots.

  • We believe the two most powerful tools you have are your breath and laughter.

  • We believe you have all the answers you seek; you just have to trust you.

  • We believe in God and devotion and prayer and Meditation, AND most of all LOVE.

  • We believe that NO is a complete sentence.

  • We believe an ignored, suppressed or shamed emotion festers and wreaks havoc in the body.

  • We believe a lot can be healed with music, moving your body, diet and lifestyle.

  • We believe in the magic book. It’s a book you open and wherever it lands is whom you see.

  • We believe kindness goes along way.

But more than anything we believe in YOU!
In your vision, your passion, your power, and your dreams.
In your capacity to be who you were born to be, to do what you’re on the planet to do.
In your ability to use your truth, your strength, your gifts, your grace to heal yourself and transform the world.