Honoring Circles

Honor gatherings started when 5 friends got together in 2000 to have Soul Sister Suppers, every other
Wednesday, in an ordinary living room in Upstate NY. No teachers or gurus. No set agendas or proposed
beliefs either. Just one strong principle — when you change within, the world changes. And instead of
closing the door, they left it open … to all.

Today, Honoring Circles have organically rippled to four cities around the globe. People meditate for the
first 15 mins, engage in a circle of reflective sharing, and conclude the night with a mindful prayer. A palpable sense of gratitude and community weaves through it all. The ripples of inner transformation are countless — and continue on.

Plug in Circle

Once a month, the third Wednesday of the month, a woman’s group meets to “plug in” to yourself and others to be lifted,
inspired, seen and heard.  First Circle starts October 18, 2017 at 6:30-8:30 pm Open to all women…. $20

Rent the Honoring room for a Celebration:

$150/rent room
$250/with a facilitator

Honor the guest of honor with a

(I’m a big fan of ceremony, doing things with intention. That’s what our indigenes people have
done for centuries)

A Blessing Way

Сeremony that celebrates a women’s right of passage into motherhood. Bless the birth of the baby, mom and dad. Paint the belly, anointing the body with essential oil.

Bachelor/Bachelorette ceremony

Start the wedding off on a high note honoring the bride & groom and their sacred union.

Retirement ceremony

Celebrate the years of service, your dedication, your hard work, the closing of one door and opening of another.

Birthday Ceremony

Celebrate the birth of someone. Whether it’s a monumental birthday or just celebrating someone because they’re awesome!

Honoring a Life

Of a loved one who’s passed – Our friends and family do not want us to mourn over their passing. They want us to cherish the good times and celebrate them.

Moving Away

Bon voyage celebration. Celebrating the journey you had together and the journey that lies ahead.