Somato (Body) Respiratory (Breathing) Integration (SRI) is designed to offer you new options in your experience of your body and your personal healing. It educates you to your body’s rhythms and inner wisdom through focused attention, gentle breath, movement and touch. SRI provides you with a means of placing your attention on your body, the vessel of human spirit, and provides a tool for focusing your attention in a way that works for your healing and empowerment.

Somato Respiratory Integration exercises (based on Donald Epstein’s book The 12 Stages of Healing are designed to help the brain to reconnect with the body and its experience. The goal of Somato Respiratory Integration is to help an individual develop lifetime skills, safety, strength, wisdom and love in relationship to the experience of his/her body, its vibration, structure, and energy. Through reconnecting a person’s breath, touch, focused movement and attention, they are able to experience the body more fully and instantly shift their state of consciousness to one that supports trust for the body-mind and their life experience.



Greetings! My name is Renee McLain, the owner and creator of Center of Grace.
At some point in our lives we all have been exposed to a traumatic event. Trauma can be devastating, yet at the same time can serve as a doorway or path to personal growth and healing.
I create an opportunity to uncover and let go of the effects trauma has had on your life and your body.
This opportunity creates a deeper connection with who you really are, and supports a life of emotional freedom and mastery.
Various techniques are used, including meditation, to integrate the experience. Meditation affords an opportunity to be with yourself in silence so important insights and self-awareness can manifest.

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