Center of Grace Welcomes a New Practitioner!

Center of Grace welcomes a new practitioner offering Somatic Breathwork, One on One Vagus Nerve Sessions and bimonthly Group Meditation Classes, Jeff Gillespie:



In 2019, following his father’s death and a lifetime of severe anxiety, Jeff turned to somatic healing to navigate his chronic and severe overwhelm, stress, and worry.  Encouraged by his family to explore therapy and holistic practices, he discovered the answers he had long been seeking through Breathwork, Vagus Nerve stimuli, Poly Vagal theory, and a newfound understanding of his own gifts that had once felt like a curse.


Jeff realized that beyond initial childhood trauma, his anxiety had been exacerbated by self-medication, addictions, and unhealthy dependencies.  Through profound healing and recovery at the Center of Grace, Jeff reclaimed his mental, emotional, and physical health.  He lost 50 pounds, and eliminated prescription drugs for anxiety, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.


In 2022, equipped with 3 years of intense study and practice, Jeff began his journey into helping others heal.  He shares his story to demonstrate how simple yet effective practices can regulate and restore the nervous system to help others feel connected, engaged, safe, and social.


Jeff’s unique combination of practices not only proved successful in his personal journey, but has also brought positive outcomes for his clients.  As a facilitator and meditation teacher, Jeff offers somatic healing sessions and group meditations, guiding individuals on their own transformative healing paths.

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Feel free to reach out to Jeff directly with questions or to schedule a private session. Packages are available at discounted rates.
call or text: (315) 382-3677